Bored wife desperate for a fuck

holly2Hello guys! Sadly I belong to that category who live with a man who they don’t really love anymore, but due to kids and other circumstances, I have to live with my husband… Divorce is not an option (he’s not forcing me or anything like that, but the kids are young, we have a home together and so on…) but we agreed that we can meet someone occasionally. I am searching for single man from Stansted, who would sometimes share their free time with a housewife, who would like to feel appreciated and respected by males…

I don’t want married men, or guys who are in a relationship, I really don’t want any more drama, or to be the cause of someone’s unhappiness… I know how it feels when someone is not fully yours anymore, and I don’t want that to be because of me! I am a simple housewife who lives in Stansted, that is why I am looking for single men from this region… I don’t want a serious relationship, I only want fun and to be happy for a few hours, when I can forget all my troubles! So to every single men from Stansted! A lonely housewife is waiting for you!

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